Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Your Favorite Cartoons- Part 1


With this infographic we will bring some unknown facts about yours Favorite Cartoons Characters.

 Show White
  • When adjusted for inflation, Snow White still ranks as the top grossing animated film of all-time
  • All of Snow White’s blush was done by hand. For a more natural look
  • In 1944, Snow White became the first film to ever release a soundtrack.

Mickey Mouse

  • Disney took out multiple loans to finance the movie, even mortgaging his own house for it.
  • Originally, Walt Disney named Mickey “Mortimer.”But Walt’s wife convinced him to change it to Mickey.”
  •  Mickey Mouse was the first ever cartoon character to talk
  • The man and woman that voiced Minnie and Mickey actually were married
  • The first song to feature in any Disney film was “Minnie’s Yoo Hoo” in the short,      Mickey’s Follies. 

Tom & Jerry

  • Tom and Jerry were once aped by a knock-off series called Herman and Katnip.
  • Tom was actually called Jasper, while Jerry was referred to as Jinx.
  • The real hero of the Tom and Jerry saga was a chap called John Carr, an animator who won a competition           to name the cat and mouse.
  • Tom and Jerry once won an Oscar.


  • Yoshito Usui is Shinchan’s ‘father, who had died on September 12, 2009 because of a tragic incident at                 Mount Arufune.
  • Shinchan first appeared in ‘Weekly Manga Action’, which was published by Futabasha 
  • The word “Crayon” was added because Crayon is a popular tool used by Kindergarteners.
  • In 2016, the series celebrates its 25th anniversary. A special website was created. Even a bus and a train                with Crayon Shinchan drawings are being operated specially this year. 

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