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The VFX lab at MAAC Kankurgachi has been bustling with activity these past few months as The Invisibles spent hours poring over computer screens to wrap up the 24FPS’16 VFX Challenge. The clip of choice was one from 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and while it may have looked simple at the onset, it proved itself to be a worthy task for a challenge.

Any member of the team would say that the best journeys are the ones that are memorable, and over the past few months they have bonded wonderfully as they worked to finish the project.

From meeting to select the clip, to arranging the shoot and collaborating with one another during the crucial post-production period, there has been much they have learned. However, all good things must come to an end, and this year’s 24FPS competition is no exception.

maac kankurgachi

With months of hard work finally composited into around thirty seconds of footage on its way for judging, it was a bittersweet moment for the team members as they put up their poster on the centre’s event board.

Many little hurdles were overcome over adda-filled evening breaks – and a few sleepless nights at MAAC Kankurgachi to fill all the ticks on the work progress table. There was laughter and jokes on the final evening, and above all a sense of relief and accomplishment as the DVDs were labelled and packed.

maac kankurgachi

Now that the project is over, it’s time to unwind and the team is looking forward to the upcoming awards ceremony in Mumbai. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for these fifteen.

VFX has established itself as an integral part of the visual media industry over the years, and with MAAC , specially MAAC Kankurgachi providing aspirants with the ideal battleground to practice and perfect their ability to create realistic, high-quality results on a deadline, we can expect to see some wonderful work in the coming days.

maac kankurgachi

maac kankurgachi

Here some of 24fps’16 Vfx Challenge participant at MAAC Kankurgachi shares their learning experiences:

Ritika Iyer – Doing the VFX Challenge of 24FPS 2016 has been a life-changing experience. It offered a unique glimpse into the production pipeline, and provided ample opportunity to learn as we completed the project. From designing costumes and planning the technical aspects (like scene-appropriate lighting) for the shoot, to processing the footage, creating the backdrop and incorporating the two into one composite output – the time was one of coming across and moving past challenges.

As far as the technical aspects of post-production (that is, creating the scenes in 3D and keying out the characters) go, there were many hurdles that we faced and overcame. I remember several occasions when models or motion graphics were scrapped and new ones made because something didn’t match.

Details are crucial when it comes to VFX because it has to look real and match the footage from the shoot. The most important thing I learned, however, is the importance of time management in producing a quality output under the pressure of a deadline.

The work is always paramount – and if that means working nights and days to complete a task on time, then that’s what needs to be done. I’m definitely glad I participated, and I look forward to a new Challenge next year.

Shubham Agarwal – 24fps 2016 has been great learning experience for me to how work to be done in a professional way. I’m happy to be part of VFX challenge. And thank you Ajay sir and my all team members to share their working experience.

Aman Singh – The journey of these 6 months was superb. It has given me the chance to know how works are done in the industries. The shoot and then working on the CG parts (modelling, texturing, motion graphics, lighting and so on).

The knowledge that I had in the starting and i have now, have a huge difference in it. It gave me the chance to learn so many things like I was scare to do texturing of any CG model but I did that during this competition and it helped me to gain some confidence about. Like this I leant so many things.

And if I get another chance to participate in this competition I shall feel myself lucky to do so. Thank u so much  MAAC Kankurgachi for giving me the opportunity.

maac kankurgachi

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  1. I was blessed to have a teacher like ajay sir who helped us alot….i had a great expreience working with my team and ofcourse with our sir…24 fps is not only a vfx challenge but VFX gave me a chance to make my aesthetics strong and to explore new techniques along with handling projects..i m really very thankful.

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