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Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design

Advanced Program in Digital Media and Design - Graphic Design and Multimedia Course at MAAC Kolkata

APDMD (Advanced program in Digital Media & Design)

A holistic course that provides students with training in print, web, 2D animation and responsive web design. The latest industry trends such as digital publication, augmented reality, and more enable them to create innovative pieces of digital communication.

If you have the eye for graphic that beautifully blend art and technology by creating an exclusive experiencewhile accessing web content, then APDMD could be the course you're looking for. This course adopts a comprehensive, 360 degree approach to provide extensive training in Print, Web, 2D Animation and Responsive Web Design. Students are introduced to the latest trends in the industry like Digital Publication, Augmented Reality, etc., while securing one of the most top-notch careers in the industry.

Course duration: 384 HRS