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Visual Effects (VFX) Course at MAAC Kolkata

Career course in ADVFX (Advanced Program in Visual Effects)

Visual effects today play a key role in feature films, television programmes, animation, video games and commercials, and, virtually, all forms of entertainment. ADVFX is a career course, designed keeping in mind all the fundamentals and advanced skills required to be a successful VFX artist. This course covers subjects ranging from basics to advance level topics, which will help students to enhance their skills as per industry requirements.

Does the coming of aliens from an exploded galaxy or the adventures of dinosaurs who roam on earth leave you with a run of goosebumps? Then you're definitely fascinated by the extra effects that make you sit at the edge of the seat as the credits roll! And if you're looking for a career in VFX, we at MAAC have the perfect course for you! ADVFX is an advanced level of VFX training. Which is designed keeping in mind all the fundamentals and advanced techniques requried to be a successful VFX artist.

Course duration: 576 HRS

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Career course in VFX Plus

MAAC's VFX Plus course focuses on teaching students to create high-end Visual Effects used in films & other media. The course creates job-ready professionals that are required by Film Studios, Animation Studios, Graphic Design Companies & Gaming Studios. Students can join the booming domestic & international VFX industry.

VFX plus is a comprehensive course encompassing all that you need to create enthralling visual effects for films, television and other media industries. Students get a feel of the real work scenario while working in a studio-like enviroment with certified trainers on actual deadlines.It opens various job opportunities in Film studios and Animation studios.

Course duration: 408 HRS

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Career course in 3D stereoscopic filmmaking

S3D is a Career program that prepares students to become experts in 3D stereoscopic filmmaking.

Learn to create special 3D effects for movies.

Work with industry-preferred software like Adobe Photoshop, Nuke, Mocha, Adobe After Effects & more.

Atailor made 100-day program on stereoscopic filmmaking, the use of S3D is rapidly growing in all verticals of media and entertainment. Students become complete versatile performers as they go through an entire process of Production, involving in-depth Creation, Clean Plate Generation and several other aspects of Stereoscopic Conversion

Course duration:144 HRS

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